simple things

I was just thinking to myself about the simple things in life that we enjoy, this could be safety, freedom, supply of money, running water, friends, family, clothes, places to learn.

So much of the time we take these things for granted. We live in the half of the world in which we do not really need to worry about the ‘simple things’.

For our brothers and sisters, in the other half of the world, these simple things are necessities but yet they are complex. These things do not come easily.

How often do we actually try to understand the situations that these people are in…..i don’t mean think about, i mean REALLY understand.

What is the difference we can make? How can we help these people to have a bit of stability in their lives? How can we do these things without making ourselves think that we are doing an amazing thing which, in fact, we have a responsibility to do?

How do we justify going to these countries on holiday and not to go and try and make a difference?

hmmmm, many things to ponder. I do know that we shouldn’t just think bout these situations but we need to act, this may be a simple act such as sponsoring a child etc but it may be that we need to seriously think about the way that we live our lives, the impact that we are making on these countries + not necessarily for the good of these people.

I know i just witter, if someone can make more sense of this situation i would be glad to chat.


old testament

i’m currently studying for an old testament test….the things i am learning today…such as: God wouldn’t forgive Manasseh’s sins……this is very confusing to me as i for some reason thought that if you repent that God would always forgive sin….does anyone have any thoughts on this??

bits and bobs

hey all,

i thought i should bring the blog back to life. There have been a few changes in my life, i have nearly finished my  1st yr of BA youth work with applied theology and have been working in my home church as youth worker with my dad who is the minister.

i have met an amazin guy who i may or may not write about in here.

i recognise my weakness in my faith in God but also how God can work through my weakness to grow, change me and use me for his work. God is amazing, my life would not be the same without him. He gives me freedom and new life, new chances to get things right.

i have visited malawi in africa and have recognised many things which aren’t right about our consumer society and what it is doing to the poor countries of the world. How they are still holding out their hands for help when we could have given them the help they needed without blinking our eyes, instead we blind ourselves with ‘stuff’. At the same time we need to recognise that these people are created by God and they are our brothers and sisters, we are called to ‘act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before our God’. The people i met were great, they live on basically nothing but are so ridiculously happy – such an inspiration.

I decided i wanted my young people to see a part of what this is like and have therefore organised a slum survivor for 2 weeks time, we will be building our own shelters, living on a basic food diet, living without techonology which is unnecessary and raising money for projects in africa.

finally, i have not long been at national youth assembly of church of scotland (NYA2008). This was a great time for me to meet old friends and new and to have space to re-connect with God again. Mark Yaconelli spoke and he was fantastic.

more posts will come in the future, i cannot tell you when

ciao xx

finally got a day off today….been quite stressed recently and had a migrane which started on wednesday and its now saturday and its still happening.

anyhow, its a study week this week at college so essay writing is  in full swing. oh yeah, forgot to tell you about myself i am  doing a youthwork with applied theology degree and as part of that i am working with a church and  project.

anyways…i don’t have much to say today other than bleh….rest was well needed!!!!

oh yeah, if anyone has helpful tips on how to combat stress or how to get rid of migranes i would really appreciate it!!